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Stonecare help center

We draw upon more than 27 years experience using Lithofin products, 10 years with Allforstone products and 5 with Hydron products. We are very confident that we can answer most of the stone and tile related, restoration, cleaning, sealing and maintenance queries you may have.

From the Sections below you can browse our growing Questions and Answers Articles.

You can send us a photograph of the problem you have with stone or tiles.

You can email us a description of the issue or you can use the Product Finder to selct from the wide range of stone care, restoration, cleaning, sealing and maintenance products.

Guidance and Assistance

Select from a growing list of articles where we provide detailed, specific answers to your query.

The search function will assist in finding the answers and products you need.

Send us a photo

We can often provide more specific and detailed answers to a query when we can actually see the issue.

Upload your high definition photographs directly to us.

Ask a Question

Describe the issue with your stone or tiles and we will do our best to assist you.

We may ask for photographs and / or more if we believe they may help us to identify the solution more accurately.

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Browse our full product range of Lithofin, Allforstone, Hydron, Lantania and United Stonecare products.

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