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Removing Candle Wax Stains from Natural Stone Fireplaces

We are often asked this question and have some products that usually work.

We do not offer any guarantee of outcome as each issue varies but here is the process we use:

Remove the surface wax by scraping with a plastic or wooden scraper / spatula.

Then you should try Lantania, PAL4. Wear suitable gloves. Dilute approximately 1:2 with water and apply to the stain. Keep the surface wet with product and agitate with a nylon pad or brush (being careful not to scratch the stone). You will find white nylon pads on the product pages.

Rinse well after 5 minutes, allow to dry and check results.

If PAL4 is working but has not quite removed all of the stain it is certainly worth repeating the above process.

If PAL4 does not remove all of the stain you can try Lantania, TwinSpot. This is a gel that is applied approximately 2mm thick over the stain and left until dry (approximately 6 to 12 hours). Brush away the remaining powder.

Full Manufacturers Instructions are available on the product page on our site.

Remember that TwinSpot will strip any sealers out of your stone. The whole area may require a deep clean with PAL4 and then re-sealing.

If the stone was never sealed you can use Lantania Twins.TW. If it has been previously sealed with an unknown product you should Contact Us first.

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