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How to Remove Food and Drink Stains From Internal Stone

Various foods can leave oil or grease stains. Many foods and drinks will leave sugar and / or coloured stains as well. Children dropping pizza or adults spilling red wine are classic examples.... Let's be honest, it's the adults who make most of the mess...!

The following suggestions are based on many years of experience and are successful in more than 90% of cases. 

Make sure you follow the instructions available on the product pages and Contact Us for help if you need it. Sending photographs helps us to give you the best guidance.

Food and Drink Stain Removal

1. In almost all cases of food and drink staining, PAL4 is the first product to try.

  • You can use PAL4 diluted between 1:6 and 1:1 with water, depending on the severity of the staining. It will remove most oil, grease and unidentified food staining.
  • You will need to scrub gently with brushes, nylon pads or machinery (on larger areas). You will see our recommended tools and equipment on the Product Pages.
  • Allow a contact time of approximately 10 minutes. Scrub a few times during this time.
  • Keep the stone wet with solution throughout the cleaning - do not let it dry out. Add more solution if it is drying.
  • Be careful not to damage the stone by scrubbing too vigorously.
  • Rinse well.
  • ALWAYS do small test areas first.
  • Results can be mixed but you will not damage your stone using this method.

You will find further instructions for using PAL4 on the product page - please do read them.

2. If coloured stains remain after using PAL4 you can use Biorase to remove them. 

  • Read the full instructions for Biorase here. Pay attention to the Safety Directions and First Aid sections.
  • Do a small demo area first.
  • Damp the area to be treated with clean water. No puddles, just damp stone. This is done so that the product remains on the surface, where it can work on the stain, rather than soaking in.
  • Use enough Biorase to wet the surface of the stone and stain.
  • Leave in contact for between 10 minutes and 1 hour and monitor for the stain fading.
  • It is best to avoid very hot times of day so that the product does not evaporate too quickly.
  • Rinse with plenty of clean water when finished (or after 1 hour maximum).
  • You can repeat if necessary.
  • Note that this product will remove coloured, organic stains and not oil or grease or other solids.

You will find further instructions for using Biorase on the product page - please do read them.

3. If you have oil stains that cannot be removed with PAL4 you can try TwinSpot.

  • Twinspot is a poultice that is in liquid form in the can.
  • Apply enough product to cover the area of the stain about 1mm to 2mm deep.
  • Leave it to dry until it becomes a white powder which can take several hours. Do not remove it whilst it is still damp.
  • Brush the residue away.
  • You can rinse with water or a PAL4 solution diluted at about 1:6.
  • TwinSpot will remove most oil stains.

Please Contact Us if you are struggling or need more assistance.

Refer to full product guides and safety data on the product pages.

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