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Maintain an Internal Travertine Floor

Always follow instructions on the product labels, technical information and videos.

Always test products on a small area first.

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This document covers daily and weekly maintenance plus some slightly more aggressive, routine maintenance that may be required on high traffic areas.

The Following Will Not Increase The Shine On Your Stone

If your stone is dry and dusty simply sweep or vacuum clean.

When it needs a routine wash use Easy Care in the washing water. A "golf ball sized blob" in a half bucket of water works well. Mop the floor but do not rinse. You can use Easy Care as often as you wish, it does not build up any layers. It works best if used quite regularly rather than allwoing the stone to become too dirty before it is washing.

Your stone may require a Periodic Deeper Clean. In certain, localised highly stressed areas such as by a cooker or kitchen island this may be monthly. Other areas such as the rest of th ekitchen or an entrance hall this may be annually.

For a Periodic Deeper Clean you can use Power Clean diluted about 1:15 with water. Use plenty of solution and agitate with a soft brush or mop. Allow a contact time of a few minutes. Rinse well.

We advise against using Power Clean more than once a month or you will degrade the performance of the sealer. 

Use The Following Products If You Want To Increase The Shine On Your Stone

Maintain your stone as per the above instructions.

You can use one of the following products in addition if you would like to increase the sheen or shine on the stone.

For limestone with a rough or antique type finish or a "coarse" hone (flat but not particularly smooth) you can use Care Seal. This can be applied neat or diluted, please follow the instructions carefully.

For limestone with a smooth hone or where an orignally polished surface is becoming dull you can use Care Sheen. This can be applied diluted 1:1 with water initially and then in a more diluted form for "topping up".

Accidents and Spillages

For bad spillages and accidents such as dropping food or drink you should use Power Clean diluted approximately 1:10 with water. Rinse well. Follow all instructions on the product.

This type of cleaning may remove some of the products you may use to increase the sheen on your stone which would require re-application.

Always be careful with acidic products on limestone. Wine, citrus juice, vinegar and some carbonated drinks are acidic and will etch (damage the surface) of a limestone, even if sealed.


Please call us if you have any queries.


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