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Removing Cement Staining from Internal and External Stone Paths and Patios

It is essential that you understand which stones can be treated with acidic products in order to remove cement and which cannot. Read the following, call us if there are any queries and make sure you do small test areas. This is YOUR responsibility. 

Removing Cement Staining from acid resistant stones ONLY such as most sandstones, most granite and most slates is relatively easy. Use Builderase

Refer to full product guides on the product pages and do small test areas first.

Removing Cement Staining from acid sensitive stones such as marble, limestone, travertine and all cement based materials is difficult. You can try using Powerase and a scrubbing brush or nylon pad but results will be mixed.

In the case of acid sensitive stones we suggest you call us for advice. With these stones great care must be taken to avoid cement or grout staining from the outset.

Refer to full product guides on the product pages

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