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How To Remove Leaf and Plant Stains From Stone

Leaves , when they turn brown, can release tannin which is a very strong dye. Tannin is the stuff in tea that can stain a china tea pot so it is not surprising that it can stain stone surfaces.

Plants can also cause stains when green parts, bark, flowers and petals, pollen and seeds etc. fall on the stone.

Usually, these stains are relatively easy to remove using Biorase, please follow instructions on our site.

  • Test on a small area first.
  • You will require dry weather that is not too cold (above 10°C is best).
  • The stone should be damp, especially if the weather is warm.
  • It is best to avoid hot dry days as the product will evaporate quickly. In summer it may be best to do this in the evening and leave overnight.
  • Apply to one or two affected slabs. Use enough Biorase to soak the surface where there are stains.
  • Leave for approximately 2 to 12 hours (the time it takes to work can vary significantly).
  • Rinse well with water
  • You may need to repeat the treatment on very severe cases. The reason to do a small area first is for you to ensure you understand the method before you scale up and do the entire area.
  • Keep pets and children off the area whilst it is working.

These methods are successful in more than 98% of cases. 

Make sure you follow these instructions and ask for help if you need it.


Do not use standard brick or patio cleaner as this is likely to contain hydrochloric acid which can be disastrous.

Pressure washing can be used but is not essential. Pressure washing can easily damage stone. If you use a pressure washer please read our guide first by clicking here.

Refer to full product guides and safety data on the product pages.

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