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How to Remove Stains From Bird Droppings On Stone and Patios

We are not avian experts but we do know that stains from bird droppings can vary enormously in colour, severity and type. This depends largely on the diet of the offending birds. We see purple stains in the autumn when berries are available and green in summer when the diet is caterpillars. Droppings can be very oily if nuts or fats are eaten.

Initially, water and a stiff brush or pressure washing may help to remove Stains from Bird Droppings. However, please read our guide to using pressure washers first by clicking here because you could damage your stone very easily.


We are successful in removing staining from bird droppings in the vast majority of cases but you will need to treat a small area first to demonstrate effectiveness.


After washing with water we use Powerase. You will see full instructions on the product page.

As an additional guide we advise using a dilution of about 1:4 with clean water and allowing approximately 5 minutes contact time. Scrub with a brush or nylon pad a few times prior to rinsing with clean water. You will find useful tools on the product page.

Powerase will remove the oily and / or solid parts of the contamination. It is possible that you will have coloured stains left on your stone which Biorase is very good at removing. You will find full instructions plus tools on the product page. Please read the safety instructions and keep children and animals away until the product is rinsed.

As an additonal guide we recommend applying Biorase, undiluted, to the area of the coloured stain. Use enough Biorase to soak the stain. Monitor for between 30 minutes and 2 hours prior to rinsing thoroughly.

You can repeat the Powerase and / or Biorase application as required.

Please contact us and send photographs if you are struggling or require further guidance.

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