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Seal an Internal Travertine Floor Without Providing a Sheen or Shine

Always follow instructions on the product labels, technical information and videos.

Always test products on a small area first.

Call us on 01962 732 325 if you have any queries.






You will be using an "Impregnating Sealer" which means a product that soaks into the face of the stone and does not leave any surface residue or coating. These products do not leave any sheen or shine.

Note: Travertine, particularly if polished, will always be sensitive to damage from acidic materials such as wine, citrus juice, vinegar and some carbonated drinks etc.

To Leave The Colour Of The Stone Unchanged

Use MN Stain Stop. There will be no surface coating or shine at all. Follow the instructions and do a test area first.

To Enhance The Colour Of The Stone

To Enhance The Colour Of Travertine you can use MN Stain Stop Plus. The colour you achieve will approximately half way between the "wet" and "dry" colour of any given stone. There will be no sheen or shine (above the level on the stone naturally).

There is no advantage using MN Stain Stop Plus on polished travertine as it will already have a "full" colour that cannot be enhanced much or at all.

When using MN Stain Stop Plus it is vital that you do a small test area first. It is impossible to remove this product.

We advise testing on a spare stone initially then doing small areas on the floor. Only scale up the work when you are completely satisfied with the results. Follow all instructions and call us if you need guidance.


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