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Sealing Stonemarket cement based/reconstituted paving

Always follow instructions on the product labels, technical information and videos.

Always test products on a small area first.

Please Contact Us if you have any queries.





Applicable to all of the Stonemarket cement based, reconstituted paving including MILLSTONE, TIMBERSTONE SLEEPERS, STRETTON, RYTON, RIO, BOURTON and EXCELSIOR etc..

To Seal and Leave the Stone with it's Dry Colour use Lantania Hidro TW. Always test a small area first. Follow all product instructions. You will find guidance and video instructions on the product page. Call us if you have any queries.

To Seal and Enhance the Colour of the Stone use Patio Seal Porous Plus. Always test a small area first. Follow all product instructions. You will find guidance and video instructions on the product page. Call us if you have any queries.

Further Information.

Your stone must be clean and dry before you seal it. If you have any queries regarding cleaning Stonemarket cement based paving please click here or see the article, below.

Some questions you may have:


Why seal?

We have over twenty years experience assisting customers to Clean, Seal and Maintain their stone.

Providing you use the correct products to seal your stone it will remain in good condition and be much more resistant to staining and algae.

Sealed stone requires far less maintenance than unsealed stone.

The products we supply are high performance and relatively easy to use.


What are Impregnating Sealers?

We only supply breathable, impregnating sealers that are designed specifically for natural stone. These products soak into the surface of the stone and do not give any kind of surface coating, sheen or shine whatsoever.

Please note: products that do not breathe (do not allow moisture to escape) or leave a surface coating on the stone or make the surface at all "shiny" or are not designed specifically for natural stone are not fit for the purpose of sealing your stone.


Colour Enhancement?

We have products that will leave the appearance of your stone virtually unchanged (no sheen, no shine, no surface coating, no colour change).

We also have products that will bring out some of the colour of a stone (again, with no sheen or shine or surface coating whatsoever).

What will my stone look like if I use a colour enhancing sealer?

Look at your stone when it is completely dry. Then make the stone wet. Now imagine the colour of the stone about halfway towards the wet colour (with no sheen or shine). This is what it will look like with the colour enhancing products.

There are advantages when you use the colour enhancing products but the choice is yours.

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