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Deep Clean an Internal Limestone Floor

Always follow instructions on the product labels, technical information and videos.

Always test products on a small area first.

Call us on 01962 732 325 if you have any queries.





Note: Rinsing is key to cleaning stone properly. We always use wet vacuum cleaners (a machine that can suck up water) to remove cleaning solution and rinsing water. If the stone is at all a large area we suggest doing test areas by hand and then hiring a wet vacuum cleaner (any builders tool hire shop will have them). Call us if you need guidance.


Cement and Grout Residues are very difficult to remove from a limestone. In order to remove these an acidic product is usually used but you MUST NOT use such products on limestone.

You can use Power Clean diluted approximately 1:5 with water. It will need scrubbing with a brush (stiff but not wire) or a nylon pad but be careful not to damage the stone. Rinse well. Do test areas first first. Call us if you require further guidance.

In a kitchen for Food Spillages, Grease and Oil Marks we use Wexa. Use it diluted from 1:3 up to 1:15 with water. Rinse really well. Read instructions on our site and the container and call us if you need guidance. Do test areas first.

For General Dirt, Soiling and Foot Traffic Marks we use Power Clean. Read the instructions on our site and the container and call us if you need guidance. Do test areas first.

Paint is a challenge. For paint that does not come off with Wexa or Power Clean (see above) you could try Wax Off. Use as per instructions on the can and Manufacturers Instructions our site. Rinse very well. Do test areas. Call us for further assistance.

Plaster. Follow the instructions, above, for cement and grout residues. This is not an easy issue to deal with.

Oil Stains that cannot be removed with Wexa or Power Clean (see above) can be treated with Oil Ex. Follow the instructions on the container and on our site. Please call if you need guidance. Do small test areas first.

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