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How To Seal Internal Kobocrete Surfaces

Always follow instructions on the product labels, technical information and videos.

Always test products on a small area first.

Please Contact Us if you have any queries.







You will be using an "Impregnating Sealer" which means a product that soaks into the face of the stone and does not leave any surface residue or coating. These products do not leave any sheen or shine.


To Leave The Colour And Surface Texture Of The Stone Unchanged

For slightly textured, natural finishes we would choose the water based product, Hidro TW. Follow the instructions and do a test area first.

For Smooth or Polished surfaces we would choose the solvent based product Twins TW. Follow the instructions on the Product Page and do a test area first.


To Enhance The Colour Of The Stone

It is possible to use an impregnating sealer that will enhance the colour of the surface whilst leaving no shine or surface coating. However, we strongly advise that you Contact Us before deciding to do this.

Many of the products we may supply to perform this task require some knowledge to use. It is possible to cause signicant issues or damage if used unwisely so we have chosen not to offer these products directly from this article.


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