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Deep Clean Internal Kobocrete stone

Always follow instructions on the product labels, technical information and videos.

Always test products on a small area first.

Please Contact Us if you have any queries.







Note: Rinsing is key to cleaning stone properly. We always use wet vacuum cleaners (a machine that can suck up water) to remove cleaning solution and rinsing water. If the stone is at all a large area we suggest doing test areas by hand and then hiring a wet vacuum cleaner (any builders tool hire shop will have them). Contact us if you need guidance.


Cement and Grout Residues

This type of contamination is very difficult to remove from a reconstituted stone or cement based surfaces. In order to remove cement or grout an acidic product is usually used but you MUST NOT use anything acidic on any cast, reconstituted or cement based surface such as Kobocrete.

  • You can use PAL4 diluted between 1:3 and 1:8 with water to help remove cement. You will need to scrub with brushes, nylon pads or machinery (on larger areas). You will see our recommended tools and equipment on the Product Pages.
  • Work very gently with the pad or brush.
  • Allow a contact time of approximately 10 minutes. Keep the stone wet with solution throughout the cleaning process. You will need to work in small areas in order to be able to keep the stone wet.
  • Be careful not to damage the stone by scrubbing too vigorously.
  • Rinse well.
  • ALWAYS do small test areas first.
  • Results can be mixed but you will not damage your stone using this method. Again, do not use any acidic cleaning products on these materials.

You will find further instructions for using PAL4 on the product page - please do read them.

You will find articles that explain how to remove food, drink and oil stains plus general dirt from foot traffic below.

Your Kobocrete surface will be much easier to maintain if it is correctly sealed, please see the articles, below, on sealing and maintenance.

Please Contact Us if you would like further assistance.

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